Oct 272018

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MIGHTY MIKE Safer Choice Degreaser

The cleaner of the future- a cleaner without harmful toxic vapors that is more appealing than water soluble solvent cleaners. Cleans and deodorizes simultaneously in one easy operation. This product is environmentally appealing because it contains no soaps, phosphates, or highly toxic solvents. Recommended for use where water soluble solvent cleaners cannot be used and where all greasy, oily soils exist.

Based on a surfactant with fast Dynamic Surface Tension. No solvents, No Butyl, zero VOC, Non-Corrosive. Works as well as butyl-based products in heavy-duty industrial applications. Surfactant is derived from naturally occurring sources and has passed all the necessary testing for a green seal GS-37 standard. Fast de-emulsification of oils.

Designed to be used by: Food Processing Plants • Offices • Farms • Garages • Lounges • Factories • Schools • Nurseries • Restaurants • Service Stations • Meat Processing Plants • Clinics • Stores • Distilleries • Golf Courses • Hospitals

Suitable for use on: Walls • Floors • Steel Files • Fans • Machinery • Tile • Engines • Brick • Filters • Metal Stock • Plastics • Conveyors • Desks • Tires • Showers • Lockers • Grills • Rubber • Sinks • Pools • Paint • Utensils • Bathrooms

NSF A1 registered.
Listed with EPA’s Safer Choice program.
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