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Model T Ford Club International-North Georgia T19's

The official founding date of the club is December 1952.  However, like most beginnings, the “seeds” were sown over several years prior to that date.  Owners of antique and classic automobiles would gather each summer on the last Saturday of the Illinois State Fair for antique car day, as well as attending other car gatherings.  The Model T owners were drawn together at these events, discussing the joys and frustrations of this unique automobile.  They found it helpful to discuss restoration problems, sources for parts and tools, to exchange manuals and other literature, and to offer each other encouragement when “Henry’s Lady” was particularly obstinate.  Eventually these owners began to hold  meetings specifically to help one another with restoration projects. 

Club Contact Information

Box 132  

Fairmount, GA, 30139 

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Contact Person: Calvin Watts